Solar Panel Cleaning

Regularly cleaning your solar panels will help your system produce more energy for a longer period.

Having your solar panels regularly cleaned will maintain your warranty.

Why keep solar panels clean?

This question can be answered in a fairly straightforward manner: to improve energy output. Shading from dirt and other things blocking your solar panels from the sun can reduce your energy output. As for the numbers, the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) states that energy output can be decreased by about 10% due to dirt and other residues. In areas with more agriculture, bird droppings, pollution, dust, traffic or construction, the efficiency can decrease as high as 15-20%. So in order to get the energy output that you paid for, cleaning is needed every now and then.

 Rain alone will not clean your panels, just as rain alone will not clean your car. Solar panels soiled with bird droppings should always be cleaned. That's because the droppings essentially block all sunlight and will not be washed away when it rains. Professional cleaning of your solar panels ensures that they will function at their most optimum level of performance.

Safe for your panels - Solar panels are relatively fragile. You cannot stand, lean, or put much pressure on them. Our long telescopic poles with soft brush heads safely clean the anti-reflective coating while not applying much pressure. We do not use high pressure either, as with a pressure washer, since this can potentially cause damage. Finally, we prefer to clean your panels in the cool of morning so as to not quickly lower the temperature of the panels, which can crack and break them.

When efficiency matters, I offer you a safe and cost effective way to ensure that your solar panels are clean so they are able to function at their most optimum level of performance. I can place you on a reliable cleaning schedule ensuring that the benefits of your investment will be fully realized.