Preparing for Chimney Sweeping

If you’re getting ready to schedule chimney service or an inspection, we’ve got a few tips for you to get ready before I to show up. Now give us a call at 209-656-9008 to schedule a visit for your service or inspection.

  1. Temporarily Move Your Decorations: Decorations around the fireplace are extremely common, especially during the holiday season! Be sure to remove any decorations around your fireplace hearth so we can get to it safely and easily. (The mantel is usually not a problem)
  2. Don’t Use Your Fireplace: If possible, please do not use your fireplace at least 24 hours prior to our visit and remove any hot embers. It’s much easier for us to clean & inspect the system if it’s been dormant for a day or two.
  3. If you have a woodstove: I attempt to investigate the attic area if possible for any potential hazards. If you approve, this may require you to move personal belongings such as inside a bedroom closet.
  4. I may have to walk on your roof: Please let me know if you prefer that I do not go on your roof. (If so, I would be unable to perform a complete evaluation).
  5. We Love Pets: But, be aware that during our cleaning process, we use vacuums that sometimes scare animals, so it’s best for them to make sure they are in a separate room.
  6. Prep Your Questions: We’ll have questions for you, so we hope you have some for me. Write down any questions you might have for me ahead of time so I can help you with anything else you may need. For example: Are you having any specific problems or concerns with your fireplace?